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The bedroom is an area to relax, private, which reflect our decorative taste and our personal style. Come to visit us, you will find cabinets, beds, mattresses, headboards, sofa, etc.. We will advise you at all times to find what you’re looking for.


Furniture for Bedroom; Beds, Mattresses, Wardrobes - Intermobel

Discover some lockers are no longer just a closet, Wiemann has created a roomier, where everything fits, is now changing, cobbler and more. To change clothes has never been so fun.

All spend much time in the bedroom. It is therefore essential to feel comfortable there.

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Bedroom Furniture with Maximum Comfort at Intermobel Mallorca

Maximum comfort

In Intermobel, we know what is important in a bedroom. Our furniture include a wide range of models which allows us to offer smart solutions, top quality and maximum comfort.

Mattresses from top brands

And to complete the best rest, come to one of our shops and we will advise you in order that you find your ideal mattress. We have a large selection of latex mattresses, springs, viscoelastic and more.

Go to bed or wake up, what is your best time?

Box Spring Beds, Buy Bedroom Beds at Intermobel Baleares

A wide range of beds Box Spring.

Beds, Bed Bases and Mattresses at All Measures - Intermobel

Beds, bedsteads and mattresses available in many measures.


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